Enjoy our food


Enjoy our food

If you are thinking of going on a trip to Cusco, Machu Picchu know you plan to go to the various ruins that offer tours, and who knows, a few pictures on the stone of the twelve angles; but if you want to dive a little deeper into the real Cusco experience, you can not stop trying these dishes, in the so extensive culinary list that Cusco has to offer dishes that mention are those that undoubtedly can not overlook.

Nope, not in order of priority!

Baked Guinea Pig.
Since its fine texture, the delicacy of the meat, adding that saborcito of herbs in the area, like black mint, parsley, cilantro and incomparable flavor leaving only clay ovens, this dish is one of the most sought by tourists domestic and foreign; and find a place that has good seasoning and baking point has become a bit complicated today. However if you run into one place and feel will be an experience you will not forget.

Pork rind.
I hope you are those who eat a lot, because this is a dish to be more than satisfied, and I recommend that this day would break the diet, and go on an empty stomach; the secret of this dish is being cooked in its own greasers, flavored with basic spices of the area as parsley, mint, coriander, and home secrets. Served with a salad of onion with good grass bathed in drops of lemon with a touch of salt, and most recommended after completing the feast is a shot of anisette, and here the phrase "to lose the little pig".

If you plan to learn a little of night tourism (which is highly recommended in Cusco) and the next day wake up with a little of the ravages of the previous day, this dish falls hair, you find from early hours in the Cusco streets, is in a broth-based chicha, served with red pepper sauce, hot pepper and pieces of pork; this can try it accompanied with traditional Huaro bread, or bread oropesa; so like this, no other "up dead."

Chicken broth
The difference broth cusqueño be stronger than the rest, the "home" focus on putting a good chunk of hens, farm obviously noodles, moraya, cassava, potato and a few slabs of hot pepper; recommended for those cold days that never fail in Cusco; eye, this dish if it is blunt.

Olluquito with charqui.
It is a stew ollucos and dry meat. Currently it served with rice. the ollucos washed and cut into thin long strips. In a pot with oil, garlic, ground red pepper sauce, cut finite jerky or beef, pepper, salt and cumin fried. It stirs well and it is expected that everything is cooked to add the chopped root vegetables. It throws broth and cover. When ready you take a little oil and serve is poured chopped fresh parsley.